02. How do we secure our wedding date?

01. Are wedding investments customized to fit our needs?

After the initial inquiry, in which you will provide us with your event date, we will send over a schedule of our available virtual meeting times for you to book yourself in at a time that is convenient for you. In the meeting, we will get to know you two and your vision. After hearing your wishlist, we will custom-make a proposal package, in which we will provide you with three collection options to browse with your fiancé.

Once you are happy with your chosen collection, we will send over a service contract, which we suggest you sign within a week to ensure your date does not book up. When the contract is signed and the 50% retainer has been paid, your wedding date is officially booked! The remaining cost is due twelve weeks prior to your wedding date.

Every proposal is custom-tailored to match your unique needs/wants. We aim to check off your wishlist and offer you three individualized options to choose from, all personalized after our get-to-know you meeting.

03. Do you work with a second shooter?

We are a professional team, which means you will get the rare benefit of having two first shooters capture your special day. This means you will have access to our combined knowledge, as well as our cohesive creative visions, editorial drives, and common goal - to ensure your day is seamless and special!

Traditionally, a second shooter is hired on by the lead photographer to ensure no precious moments are missed on your day. Unfortunately, they aren't able to get to know you beforehand. However, when you hire us, we will both be in communication with you, working together to ensure your wishlist is checked off. We will bring your vision to life and guarantee you’ll get the photos of your dreams!

04. Do you offer wedding films?

Yes, we offer a unique cinematic experience when you invest in Redamancy’s videography. We combine a film-worthy artistic vision with the intimacy of a traditional wedding video...the perfect combination for an enduring time capsule to look back on with family and friends.

06. What is your creative process on a wedding day?

05. Is travel/accommodation included in your pricing?

Our approach to wedding photography and cinematography is grounded in conceiving fine art creations that ensure your day is captured beautifully in every moment. We take notice of the carefully thought out details you leave for us, the way the natural lighting hits your dream venue(s), and the unrivaled bond you two share.

We place emphasis on the timeline for your day to ensure we have plenty of time to artistically produce editorial imagery. We have constructed our workflow to balance art directing, styled shots, and photojournalistic opportunities. Because of this, we capture not only the people who mean the most, the design, and artful concepts, but the emotion in the moments in between - the unspoken love shared amongst you and your fiancé, as well as that which you revel in with family and friends.

As each experience and relationship is unique, our goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of your unique love story to customize a quote for you. The travel and accommodations will be added to the custom-built collection you select, and we will handle all of our own travel arrangements unless otherwise specified.

07. Who should be included in our family photos?

Family photos should involve the people in your life with whom you’re closest. For many couples, these shots include immediate family, such as parents and siblings, as well as grandparents. However, we encourage you to include anyone else who fits in this category, such as childhood friends or people who’ve been just like family to you growing up. Regardless, we will send out a questionnaire prior to your celebration to gather all of the details so we can block out a realistic amount of time accordingly. This questionnaire will also include any special arrangements. We will connect with your planner to make sure everything goes smoothly.

09. Should I provide you with a "shot list"?

When you hire us, you are placing your trust in our work. We take a thorough approach to ensure we capture every precious moment on your big day - it’s what we do! However, we recommend that you bring any special moments, important people, or one-of-a-kind details to our attention, so we can plan ahead of time how to capture them most beautifully. In addition, we will be photographing details, including rings, the dress, your shoes and accessories, and any other heirlooms in the bridal suite during the beginning of our photography process.

08. How many photos will you deliver?

On average, we deliver 50-70 images per hour of coverage.

10. When will we receive our images?

Our promise is to craft exquisite art with our combined creative vision. A huge part of this comes into play during the editing process. After we illustrate your story through images and film, we utilize the finest methods, developed through years of perfecting our techniques, to deliver a sincere portrayal in a beautiful, classic way. Because we carefully curate each image and treat your wedding video like a cinematic masterpiece, the turnaround time for a wedding is around 8 weeks. For engagement and pre-wedding sessions, the average turnaround time is 4 weeks.

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