You want to remember the endless laughter, heartfelt tears, and touching moments from your day, immortalized through imagery and cinema of substance. You want more than the promise of beautiful illustrations; you want an experience beyond the imaginable, rooted in authentic artistry.

You want relics to cherish that are as compelling as your romance, reimmersing you in your shared vows and the commitment you made. We will ensure your story’s depth is captured timelessly, a testament to your love.

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We are Aaron and Shaye, the faces behind Redamancy Photo and Film. We can’t wait to share in one of the most romantic days in your life!

There’s nothing we love more than preserving the depth, emotion, and joy in your relationship with each other, as well as with your family and friends. Engage in the moment and be vulnerable with one another, and we’ll take care of the rest!


-Katie and Jesse

The process of fine art photography mirrors the delicate brushwork of a painter’s refined touch. The blank canvas of the art of photography is colored with the initial capture of an image, but it does not stop there. The image’s everlasting quality - the take-your-breath-away moments that come to life to tell your love story - happen with perfect lighting, thousands of hours of editing, and carefully cultivated knowledge.

You are the art; we are the artists. Through years of apprenticeship, honing our specialized skill sets with intricate dedication, education, and mentorship, we have mastered our creative endeavors. We know the perfect gallery doesn’t happen by chance - it takes years spent perfecting a craft, drawing out your exceptional romance.

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