We hired Redamancy for their fine art photography, but they gave us so much more. When we signed with them, we gained full access to the knowledge they’ve built over years in the wedding industry, guidance throughout the planning process, and insider tips and tricks. Bringing on Aaron and Shaye was the best decision we could’ve made.

-Tony & Joy

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11 Tips for your wedding day


Choosing a photographer and cinematographer who have worked as a team ensures better communication, workflow, and composition. We understand how the other works, so we are able to move seamlessly together, rather than focusing our energy on staying out of each other’s way. In addition, we both have a passion for editorial work - an artistically classic, journalistic style.

When hiring from different companies, the photographer’s and videographer’s focuses will be slightly different. When hiring Redamancy’s skilled team, there is shared creative direction, streamlining the process.


Hire an experienced planner

Wedding planners enhance your vision, bringing it to life beyond what you could ever imagine. They take the stress of getting things in order and making sure everything runs smoothly. Planners have a detailed understanding of constructing the perfect timeline, working closely with the vendors, and helping to put your elegant details in place. We work closely with your planner to ensure everything is captured perfectly on your big day. We trust talented planners to take care of the logistics while we focus on creating timeless photography and cinematography.


Engagement sessions are important

We cannot stress enough the benefits of an engagement session. Whether you hire us for photography and cinematography, or just one of the two, what we capture during an engagement shoot completes the love story we will compose from your wedding day. These sessions give us the opportunity to connect with you in person, see how you naturally interact with one another, and document a romance-filled adventure that’s much more than just a photography session. Having this extra time will help you two to feel comfortable in front of the camera and experience what it’s like to be photographed together. We find this leads to our clients feeling more at ease on the big day. Plus, it’s fun! With no restrictions or external obligations, these images will speak for themselves, capturing you in a relaxed, authentic, simply elegant way.


Create a realistic timeline for your wedding day

Creating a timeline that allows room for possible delays takes additional stress off of you. We recommend working with a well-versed planner because they will be able to account for pieces of your wedding day by ensuring a proper timeline is created. We want you to have a relaxed experience, so if you have any questions regarding the timeline, we are happy to help. Being a part of countless weddings has given us the expertise to understand where these pockets of extra time will be helpful!


Your getting ready location matters

Getting ready for your wedding day is part of the experience. These images tell the beginning of your story. As such, the beginning of our process will be dedicated to capturing the initial portraits and detail shots. Whether you choose a bridal suite, Airbnb, hotel room, or other location to get ready, consider choosing a space with a similar design to that of your ceremony and reception sites, so the images flow with the rest of your day. In addition, we recommend an open space with plenty of natural light to elevate the photos further.


All of those little details are important

The little details and decorations that make your wedding day yours wrap everything up like a Tiffany ribbon. These include your gown, shoes, wedding rings, and family heirlooms, in addition to the full invitation layout with any special stamps, calligraphy, and so forth. If there are any other ornaments, such as silks, linen, jewelry, ribbons, or additional items you wish to decorate the images, please ask your planner/stylist to have all of these placed together somewhere easily accessible to us. We will create beautiful lay flats that will embellish your wedding portfolio.


Consider a first look

When your hair and makeup are perfect, the last button on your gown has been done up, and you’ve secured your inherited family jewelry, you may feel the butterflies in your stomach leading up to your vows. All you want to do is see your person - the one who makes you laugh, holds you when you cry, and recognizes all of the beauty you have to offer. First looks allow us to immortalize that moment when your fiancé sees you for the first time on the day your two futures intertwine as one. The first look also gives you another opportunity to capture couples portraits filled with emotion before your vows take place. These images are intimate and evoke that jittery, romantic pre-wedding feeling for years to come.


Importance of a cell phone-free ceremony

Allowing your guests to take photos and video during your ceremony creates a significant obstacle for us, as phones can pull focus from your vows in your photos. Not only do they block faces and take away from the fairytale feel, but they also take away from the emotion you and your guests are experiencing. Your guests are there to celebrate with you, that’s why you have us! We promise you’ll receive the perfect portfolio of ceremony highlights for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Quick Tip

We recommend requesting that your officiant make an announcement before your ceremony commences to ask that everyone put their devices away and be present during your nuptial.


Schedule portraits during sunset

The golden, soft light of sunset paints its rays into our imagery. The romantic tones make your skin look smooth and warm, your hair rich with color, and the landscape a vibrant backdrop for your love. This is why we recommend blocking out time for your couples portraits during the dreamy light at sunset. Knowing what time the sun sets at your venue will be beneficial in selecting your optimal timeline, including your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and family photos.


Get what you want

You have an eye for art. You want a photographer and cinematographer who you trust to capture your day in a timeless, imaginative way. That’s why you hired us! Now, your only job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other. Trust us to handle the rest! We make an effort to learn about you two before your big celebration (pro tip: this is one reason an engagement session is so important)! When your wedding day approaches, we’ll be fully equipped with a sense of your romance, personalities, and family background - everything we need to tell your story through photography and film.


Relax and enjoy your day

Don’t hold back! Your wedding comes once in your lifetime. Treat yourself to all of the extras you want. After all, you’ll have them forever! You want images you can put up on your walls and cherish for the rest of your days together. You want a film to look back on to remember the live moments, reactions, and emotion. You want an album to flip through with your family and friends and your future kids. Today is the day you two become one. That’s a big deal! Don’t be afraid to immortalize the day with everything we offer.


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