A note about this guide

We are so grateful that you’ve placed complete trust in us and our artistry to capture your events in an honest, passionate, creative way. We can’t wait to get to know you over the next several months and learn more about how we can help your personality shine through in all of your imagery. We understand that photography and cinematography are two of the largest investments you will be making to preserve your wedding day and surrounding events, and it is an honor to be chosen to take this journey with you!

Though most of our couples have a full planner, there are so many aspects that go into your dream day. While working with us, you will have full access to all of our insider tips and tricks, wedding experiences, and advice.

This guide is meant to be your user’s manual - a complete directory to everything you need to know and more! Don’t see the answer to a specific question? Simply ask! We’re an open book.

Wedding Advice

Why this guide should be your new best friend

Your wedding day is a priceless string of elements, designed to reflect human connection with purpose and intention.

Every component is as fundamental as the next. The intertwining of botanicals, textures, and fabrics weave themselves together to echo the breathtaking beauty of your romance.

Here is a token to carry with you throughout your journey. Rest assured, you will have access to our industry knowledge in your every moment of need along the way.

Engagement Session

A romantic day to celebrate you

We always recommend booking an engagement session. Engagement sessions allow us to get to know each other better before your wedding day. We get familiar with your personal style, while you learn how we approach art direction and are able to get more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, which makes your wedding day that much more relaxed and seamless. Did you know we offer both photo and video for your engagement? Your engagement session is another chapter of your wedding story.

These details are intricately woven into your day as a significant part of your fairytale. Because of this, we suggest you opt for both photo and video coverage. Cinematography takes on a whole new meaning to ‘preserving your memories.’ Instead of only receiving stills (which are beautiful and timeless), you will receive a film starring you! We tie your engagement session into your wedding video in an authentic, poetic way to expand on your romance. You’ll never regret preserving these memories!

We offer all-inclusive engagement sessions. This means we will schedule a vision meeting to learn about your personal styles/color choices and significant locations to your relationship. Then, we create custom vision boards just for you and provide fashion brands and outfit links, along with prop recommendations. We design everything so your engagement looks and feels like you in the most photo-worthy way!



Much like your engagement session, a pre-wedding session offers a special time apart from your wedding day for us to capture breathtaking imagery of the two of you.

Whether you choose to wear your wedding gown again or opt for a second (or third) dress to showcase your individual style, pre-weddings are a relaxed environment for you and your beau to get glammed-up and go on a fashion-forward adventure.

Wedding timelines are often tight schedules and, while we’ll capture couple’s portraits during your special event(s), having a day dedicated to you two alleviates stress and creates the perfect conditions for the most intimate moments to be immortalized.

Not sure what to wear? We’ve had everything from a bride wearing a pink tulle gown in Paris’ most iconic locations to a couple wearing their wedding attire in the streets of Siena. Your pre-wedding should reflect your personalities! Don’t worry, we’ll be here every step of the way to design and style your vision to perfection, just like we do for engagements!

Bridal Portrait Session


Bridal portrait sessions aren’t only for brides. We’ve had our fair share of grooms ask for a shoot dedicated to them! Bridal sessions make for the perfect portraits. As mentioned in our ‘Pre-Wedding’ section, wedding timelines can get busy! While we always schedule time for getting ready shots and individual portraits, having a session dedicated to you is incomparable.

This is another opportunity to wear your wedding attire! Get dressed up, get your hair and makeup done (for both ladies and gents!), and let’s create some jaw-dropping photos together!

PRO TIP: Did you know you can schedule your bridal session for the same day as your pre-wedding? It’s so simple to take an hour before or after just for you! We also find that these sessions pair well with our boudoir sessions. Bring your fancy outfit and something sexy for later!

Bridal Boudoir


Bridal boudoir sessions are beautiful, intimate moments to bring out your confidence, illustrate your feminine, strong beauty, and dedicate time to exploring your raw, sensual self.

We promise to work closely with you to draw up concepts, color palettes, outfits you feel comfortable in, and stunning details (such as lace, tasteful jewelry, and silk). You control the inspiration rooted in your comfort levels and style.

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Hire a Wedding Stylist

Harmoniously aesthetic, inarguably you

What is a wedding stylist?

A wedding stylist is in charge of marrying your personal style with your wedding aesthetic. From fabrics and colors to the ambiance of your ceremony and reception, your stylist will make you and your guests feel as if you’re part of an immersive experience.

Your planner makes sure your day runs smoothly, sources all vendors, and organizes, troubleshoots, and manages your day and wedding timeline, while your wedding stylist is much more like the artist painting your wildest dreams on the blank canvas, your venue.

Advantages and responsibilities of a wedding stylist:

Your stylist will create a bespoke concept to reflect your individuality for a harmonious experience. From your overall vision to your tastes and preferences (both wedding-related and personal), a talented stylist will take their time getting to know you two as a couple. Their goal is to utilize their background in design, appreciation for fine art, and creativity to encapsulate your character so all of your guests walk into your ceremony and say “WOW - this is so _____ and ______!”

Building the perfect

Wedding Day Timeline

Everything you need to know

If you take away nothing else from this guide, remember this: arrange your wedding day timeline to include extra time throughout your events. There are so many factors at play, it’s natural to have a simple moment take an extra 15 minutes, especially with a higher guest count or a high number of activities scheduled.


Sunset is often referred to as “golden hour” because of its unbeatable dreamy lighting. We recommend starting with sunset and planning backwards three hours at a time. For example, if the stars align, we recommend planning your ceremony to take place three hours before sunset. From there, it becomes easier to plan for hair and makeup, bride and groom portraits, and so forth.

Beginning family and couples portraits an hour and a half or so before sunset is ideal. This will lead to the most pleasing, soft imagery.


When it comes to breathtaking imagery, lighting is everything. With Aaron’s background in cinematography and my background in various art forms, we understand the many streams of light, how a ray will fall gently across your cheek and light up your eyes, the way it teases fascinating colors from your floral arrangements, and how to bend it to our will to display your character with grace.

We will scout your venue in advance to prepare a list of light-driven locations. Regardless of the time of day and lighting conditions, we will be prepared to illustrate you honestly and epically.

For The Bride

The Bridal Suite


Your bridal suite does not have to be a bedroom. The best bridal suites offer plenty of natural light, large windows, white walls, and a simple design.

PRO TIP: Choose a different room for your MUHA artist to set up in. This will minimize clutter.

Getting Ready Attire


Remember we will be capturing getting ready images of you and your bridesmaids before you get into your gown. Many of our brides opt for silk robes or matching pj sets. We even had one gorgeous bride in a sheer tulle wrap with simplistic lingerie underneath. Whatever makes you feel comfortable will be beautiful.

Another suggestion is to provide your bridal party with comfortable loungewear that match your color scheme. Looking forward to silky champagnes and soft blush? Incorporate them into your bridesmaids’ outfits!

Revealing Your Gown to Your Girls

is a bridesmaids gown reveal right for you?

Many bridesmaids tag along with their bride to help her “say ‘yes’ to the dress.” This is such a fun environment to bond with your girls, drink champagne, and find your dream gown(s).

However, if your girls can’t make it, you’re opting for a family-only trip to the boutique, or you’ve only invited your maid of honor, consider a gown reveal on your wedding day!

Some of the sweetest photos happen when your best friends see you all dressed up for the first time on your wedding day. Expect lots of tears, hugs, and words of affirmation from your dearest ladies.

For The Groom

How Ready Should You Be

for getting ready shots

Just like we do with the ladies, we will capture getting ready moments of you and your groomsmen.

When we come into your suite, you and your groomsmen should already be dressed in your pants, belt, and button up (unless otherwise specified). This will allow the process to go smoothly and ensure we have ample time for you to enjoy a scotch with your dad, a cigar with your groomsmen, and for us to capture those special details (putting your jacket on, straightening your tie, boys group shots, etc.).

Getting Ready Entertainment

Morning of activities

Hair and makeup takes hours, which will keep the ladies busy in their suite, but gents’ have less to do on the morning of their big day.

For this reason, we suggest preparing accordingly. Some venues have thought of this for you - we’ve seen a few that provide a pool table or a mini bar. With that being said, this is the perfect time to enjoy *a* glass of Macallan scotch, play a game of poker, or cook breakfast for the ladies!

Your Details

We are firm believers that the details, ambiance, weather, and venue help to write this chapter of your narrative. Think about it - what good would your favorite novel be without those little nuances described to you…The smell of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven. The crisp morning air tousling your hair as you step outside to take on the day. The feeling of sinking into your couch after a long day, cuddling up to your partner, and settling in to enjoy your favorite movie.

When you look back on the fond memories of your wedding, there’s nothing quite like the details in your gallery to bring back those moments, the smells, the laughter, the feeling of putting your wedding dress on before walking down the aisle in full force.

We love bringing your special details to life. When we are working on your timeline with your planner and recommending how many hours of coverage you’ll want, we factor in the time it takes to create this ambiance for you. We plan for ample time to capture and style your details. We often style your flat lay (composed of your invitations, ring box, etc. - we’ll go over this in a moment) in or near your getting-ready suite. We suggest choosing a location filled with natural light with plenty of space for your bridal party, hair and makeup team, and a little extra room for us! Though we prefer a separate room for bridal portraits, the most stunning getting ready shots emerge from neat, beautiful spaces.



The best way to prepare for your detail imagery is to have your maid-of-honor place your ring boxes, vow books, jewelry, shoes, perfume, invitations, heirlooms, and other unique items in one place so we can easily retrieve and style them for you. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a full list of items you may want included in your flat lay in your wedding questionnaire.

You don’t have to think about the design aspect! We’ve styled so many sets in the past, we’re fully prepared to arrange your special items in the most gorgeous way possible.

PRO TIP: Ask your florist to provide a few loose florals for us to incorporate into your details. This helps tie in your gorgeous arrangements your florist spent so much time preparing for you.


We request that all details (cufflinks, watch, tie/bowtie, boutonniere, partner gift, whiskey/scotch, special cigars, etc.) are ready for us in your suite upon our arrival.

Please don’t feel the need to lay them out beautifully, we will arrange them in the most photo-worthy way!

The moment a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day is sacred.

Time stands still and everyone falls away into the background, blurred like the lost details in film. You will never forget the first time you see each other before becoming man and wife, whether that happens at your first look or while walking down the aisle.

The first look is a special, albeit newer tradition. This is a private moment between the couple prior to walking down the aisle in front of family and friends. Many of our couples decide to share this emotional time together.

There are many reasons to consider a first look. Here are three:


Though we’ll still sneak you away for 15-30 minutes during golden hour, a first look allows for time before your ceremony begins to capture intimate, emotional imagery of the two of you. This will free up time after your ceremony and family photos to enjoy your evening with your guests. And, we’ll be around to capture those candid moments between your grandma and your new husband’s mom. All of those intertwining, full-of-love conversations caught on camera to remember for years to come.

PRO TIP: Throughout your ceremony and reception, be intentional with your words, interactions, and time. There is so much to do and so many wonderful people to catch up with, don’t forget to soak it all in and hold onto those treasures.


Once your ceremony starts, the rest of the day whooshes by with flying colors. A first look allows for time to reflect on what this union means to you and enjoy some alone time before you are whisked away to your exciting event that will pave the way for this uncharted chapter in your love story.


If you plan your first look early enough, this will allow us time to capture bridal party shots before your ceremony, freeing up time later in the day for you to enjoy your reception.


Location Scouting

We always do our best to scout your location before your wedding day around the same time of year your wedding is taking place to get a feel for the venue, the lighting, and the best photo spots.

If you would like to join us, we’d love to have you! We will do a walkthrough together and you will be able to provide input about your favorite areas!

Consider Unplugging

Asking your guests to “unplug” during your ceremony is one of the most beneficial things you can do to ensure clean imagery of your vows and first kiss. Though we understand that your family and friends want to immortalize these moments just as much as you do, please gently remind them that this is what we’re here for! Cell phones and iPads can get in the way of your imagery. If guests are holding up their screens, they will always appear in your final deliverables.

You made a big investment in your photography and cinematography coverage. We promise to gather plenty of footage of the ceremony, your guests’ reactions, and your partner’s reaction.

Ceremony Exit

After you say your “I do’s,” a crowd of your nearest and dearest will be cheering you on as you embark on your second walk down the aisle, this time as man and wife.

For your ceremony exit, we recommend leaving a little gift by your guests’ chair to use during your exit. Ask your officiant to explain the purpose of these gifts before your ceremony begins, that way everybody is prepared for your paparazzi moment!

Exit Inspo

Include loose flower petals. Place these in small wicker baskets for your audience to throw up in the air in celebration of you! (PRO TIP: ask your florist to provide these!)

Bubbles! Bubbles are a playful addition to any wedding, especially if you have plenty of kids on your guest list!

Confetti. What says celebration more than confetti?

The Rings

When we can, we take a photo of your rings while you're getting ready. We recommend having your engagement ring cleaned/cleaning it yourself. To clean at home, soak your ring in warm water with dishwashing soap for 20 to 40 minutes. Then gently brush the stone with a soft toothbrush, rinse and repeat if needed.

Family Formals

Family shot-lists can be overwhelming, especially when you have a big family! There’s a lot that goes into planning a shot-list, from figuring out the smoothest transitions from group to group to deciding who will be included in which photos.

When we send out your wedding questionnaire, we will ask for special situations, specific groupings (with titles and names), and any additional information we should know.

We ask that you have a close friend/member of your wedding party assist us in gathering your family for portraits. Though we do our best, we might not notice if Aunt Judy wanders away to grab a crab cake, but your bridesmaid, who knows and loves Aunt Judy, will know to make sure she doesn’t miss out on family photos!

Please keep in mind that each grouping will take around 3 minutes to capture. We always take multiple photos in case of blinking, awkward moments, and guests who are not looking directly at the camera. We take this time to promise a great photo with every group. Please keep this in mind when building your timeline.

Reception Exit

Traditionally, there is an end of the night send-off for the bride and groom as you venture forward to begin your new life together.

There are countless ways to ensure an unforgettable grand exit!

- Fireworks! You. Just. Can’t. Beat. Fireworks.

- Sparklers. If you love the idea of fireworks on a smaller scale, sparklers are the perfect send-off accessories for your guests.

More confetti!

- Rice

- The perfect pairing for your fairytale exit? Consider renting a classic car! We also love horse drawn carriages for the princess and prince in you. A chic getaway vehicle is always a statement.

Additional Tips




First thing’s first - decide on a budget for your wedding day. There are so many talented vendors and services that are major moving parts of your wedding. Determining a budget at the beginning of the process with your planner will set realistic goals and expectations that will set the tone for the rest of your journey!

Hire a wedding planner. We recommend a full-fledged planner. They will take on all of the planning stress, vendor hiring process, and last minute details for your day. A great planner will offer you the invaluable service of enjoying your wedding process to the fullest, rather than having to take on countless tasks yourself!



ALWAYS schedule a trial session with your makeup and hair team! You might learn that the gorgeous cateye you’ve been interested in doesn’t do your natural beauty justice. It’s much better to find this out before your wedding so you can talk with your team and come up with a new look together that feels more you!

If your reception is being held at a separate venue, add ample time for us to capture your venue while it’s still pristine before your guests arrive! *BONUS TIP: We love when couples do a ‘reception first look’ during this time. Seeing your vision come to life is very emotional!



Our florist friends want their couples to know that many blooms are seasonal. Come up with an overall vision (if you aren’t sure, they’re there to help you through it all!) and keep that in mind when planning for your date. It’s possible not all of your preferred flowers will be available to you, but trust your florist, the best are true magicians!

There are a lot of emotions on your wedding day - and, inevitably, a lot of tears. Having your MUHA team stay for part of the day makes touch-ups easy so your look remains fresh all day. Some of our brides opt for a second look for their reception, too.



Make yourselves and your guests comfortable! You want your guests to be present throughout your wedding weekend. We recommend checking what the weather is like during your wedding month and providing blankets, sun umbrellas, or water depending on the likely forecast for your events.

The floral trend… We love it! Give us all of the floral arches, ceiling florals, and extravagant centerpieces. But, we also know how hefty the cost becomes with the lavish arrangements of your dreams. Some florists have recommended choosing more expensive, high quality blooms for your bouquet, as this will be photographed up close. For larger, more intricate florals, it’s ok to use less investment-heavy blooms to fill out the designs! They will have the same luxury feel for a lower cost.

PRO TIP: Choosing one or two unique elements to become your focal floral points is also a great way to use your investment wisely!


Your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple. Chat with your planner and wedding stylist to discuss certain elements that are important to you. Maybe you two met abroad - so bring that culture into your special ceremony and venue! Or, maybe you’ve nicknamed each other ‘honey,’ so you can serve bee’s knees at the bar and add hive-related imagery and wording into your reception set-up. There are so many creative ways to draw your individuality into your wedding!


We’re big advocates for drawing on other art forms to craft our imagery. Did you know you can do the same for your wedding day? Allow yourself to be inspired by your favorite restaurants, travel destinations, gardens, and hotels. Chat with your wedding stylist about artists, fashion designers, architects, or movie directors that evoke emotions you want to feel when you walk into your ceremony and reception. Then, work together to describe why something makes you feel that way and how you can ensure your guests leave your wedding with a similar takeaway.


Timing tip* If you’re getting ready in a different location than your ceremony is taking place, or if you’re ceremony and reception are not at the same venue, please coordinate with your planner to factor in travel time between locations (this includes traffic time!).


Our luxury albums are timeless heirlooms you can pass down for generations. We believe you deserve only the very best, which is why we make use of the highest quality prints and pages. With a beautifully designed cover, these albums are perfect to place on your shelf, making it easily accessible to recollect memories of your wedding day with family, friends, and new guests in your home.

There’s nothing quite like flipping through the pages of your physical photo album. There’s a certain intimacy to the nostalgia of it all.

Each album is uniquely

designed for you.




Your Album Preserves Memories For Future Generations.

Technology Changes, But Albums Never Go Out of Style

An Enriching Experience…

Reliving your wedding day should be a special, immersive time filled with laughter, tears, and “remember when’s?” A tangible storybook that guides the way allows you and your loved ones to slip into the pages and dip yourself in the ink.

This keepsake will be passed down through your family, cherished by your children and your children’s children. We grew up in families who preserved every moment for us. From old home videos to countless scrapbooks, we were taught the importance of memory-keeping, unmatched by the tangible prints displaying our childhoods and ancestry. Albums hold a special place in our hearts. Continue the tradition with your family or start a new one by commemorating this exciting new chapter in life!

Our simple, aesthetic designs make sure of it! Because we use the highest quality materials, there is no degradation over time. Your album is made to last forever.

Thank you

We can't wait to start planning with you and getting to know you! If you haven't scheduled your engagement session yet, let's get that in the books. Feel free to email me any time at Hello@redamancyphotofilm.com

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, i'm here for you! I hope this guide helps make the process of planning your wedding details much easier and less stressful. I can't wait to see you soon - thank you so much for taking the time to read through this guide.