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Thank you for reaching out to us to be a special part of your love story! We can’t wait to chat with you about how you’ve incorporated your personalities into your celebrations!

We believe photography and cinematography are meant to hold little pieces of history in their expressions, dating back to their roots. To document beauty, love, and family, people used to rely on paintings, just oil and canvas magnificently transformed by an artist’s hand. We’ve designed our imagery around this very notion. With Shaye’s extensive knowledge of various arts and Aaron's love of cinematography, we wanted to incorporate the timeless durability of sculptures, the richness of portraits on canvas, and the careful stitches of a designer gown - all delicate in detail and steeped in patience.

Your wedding is not the beginning of your story, but it’s a milestone keepsake you’ll never forget. We promise fine art, magazine-worthy captures of your day that’ll be fond reminders of every important tradition and candid, intimate moment you experience.

Let’s get started.

Your wedding day is so much more than a stand-alone event. It represents every milestone in your relationship up until this point and moving forward. Your wedding is the height of all of the experiences that come after you say “yes.” Planning your unique celebrations, the exhilaration you feel when you book your dream venue, finding the designer dress, all come when enjoying every minute of it with each other.

That feeling you get when you cuddle up on the couch with some French wine and chocolate - that feeling of absolute bliss? That’s what we offer. From your engagement to your pre-wedding to your rehearsal dinner, and, finally, to your wedding day, we’ll be there, capturing timeless, romantic imagery. Your experience is so much more than a single day - the overwhelming happiness you feel as you say “I do” represents it all. We’re not just here to document your day, we’ll work together to storyboard shot lists, visualize the art direction and styling of your events, share top industry secrets, and find out how we can best capture your day.

-Victor & Callie

Choose Your Experience

Tailored Collection



+ Photography coverage

+ Online gallery

+ 24 hour photo sneak peek

+ Vision meeting

+ All travel costs

Investment: $4000

Tailored Collection




+ 10 hours of photography and cinematography coverage

+ 6-9 minute video

+ Medium Format Film

+ Photography and cinematography second shooters

+ Online gallery

+ 24 hour photo sneak peek

+ Cinematography storyboard meeting

Investment: $28000

Often Paired with:

+ Engagement session

+ 9x12 wedding album

Tailored Collection



+ 8 hours of photography and cinematography coverage

+ 5-8 minute video

+ Medium Format Film

+ Photography and cinematography second shooters

+ Online gallery

+ 24 hour photo sneak peek

+ Cinematography storyboard meeting

Investment: $24000

Often Paired with:

+ Engagement session

+ Rehearsal dinner

À la carte

Album and parent album - (Refer to Album section)

Additional hour of wedding day coverage - $1500

Rehearsal dinner coverage - Starting at $2000

Social media highlight reel - Starting at $800

Boudoir session - Starting at $1500

Pre-wedding shoot - Starting at $1500

Engagement session - Starting at $1500

*Service prices when bundled in collection

*Pricing is for individual service (photo or video)

Aaron and Shaye have a special talent of making anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. They create a safe space to feel natural, which is so vivid throughout their work.

-Shea & Kylie


Memories Preserved Forever

What better way to preserve the most significant memories from your wedding day than investing in an album? An album is the first tangible element of your marriage. There’s so much value in holding your memories in your hands and flipping through page upon page of special moments.

We ensure that our luxury albums provide you with timeless heirlooms. We believe you deserve only the very best, which is why we make use of the highest quality prints and pages. With a beautifully designed cover, complete with a hand-engraved sketch of your venue, these albums are perfect to place on your shelf, making it easily accessible to recollect memories of your wedding day with family, friends, and new guests in your home.

Duplicate Parent Album


30 page 8x10 album
Linen: $1200 each | Leather: $1400 each

30 page 9x12 album
Linen: $2000 | Leather: $2600


30 page 11x14 album
Linen: $2800 | Leather: $3200

Additional 2-page spread: $200 each
Handwritten Calligraphy Embossing $450

We've tailored this proposal to your needs, please feel free to email with any questions or to make alterations.


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