Sandra & Pablo – Pink Parisian Dreams

Why schedule a pre-wedding shoot with your photography/videography team? And what is it?

A pre-wedding shoot doesn’t necessarily have to be before your wedding. Some brides opt for an editorial take on the wedding gown, they change out their classic whites and ivories and beiges for bright tones and pastel palettes, or they choose an alternative wedding dress for us to capture. Others opt for a post-ceremony shoot in their wedding day attire to get more couples’ photos (*pro tip: It’s a great idea to schedule a pre/post-wedding shoot with us. It allows for a full session dedicated to you and your beau to capture all of those dreamy, relaxed moments in a place that makes you two feel romantic, excited, and comfortable).

For Sandra and Pablo, lovers of all-things-French, the winter streets of Paris was the perfect canvas to paint their Pretty in Pink story across. What woman wouldn’t want to be romanced in the most glamorous city in the world? Ratatouille had it right… “What better place to dream than in Paris?”

With rose makeup and a tight updo by Laura Julliard to match her flattering tulle Millia London gown, Sandra took on the confidence of a true Parisian and strutted through the City of Lights in style with Pablo on her arm and a pair of edgy cream boots on her feet. Pablo wore a textured Calvin Klein suit that brought out his charming personality and turned him into a classic gentleman right before our eyes.

Their adventure began at Palais Royal’s arches, where we warmed up their paparazzi-ready looks with some playful running shots and lots of giggles. From there, it was only a short walk across the street to Le Louvre. For those of you who are wondering, the tourists were very respectful and gave us plenty of space to capture photos of the two of them in the historic courtyard. If Sandra and Pablo’s session is giving you any ideas, be warned that you’ll become a short-term celebrity when at least one tourist asks you to pose for a photo with them (and twenty more line up behind your photographer to snap a phone shot of the gorgeous model in frame). It always makes for a good story!

After becoming an A-list celeb, you’re bound to be hungry. Sandra and Pablo asked to stop at Ladurée for a box of world-famous macarons of every flavor. We caught some portraits of the Mrs.-to-be at Place Vendôme, where countless films have been shot (theirs will now join other cinematic masterpieces) and fashionable icons have stayed (Ritz Paris is an unbeatable beauty).

Finally, no Paris daydream is complete without an evening stroll along the Seine with Eiffel Tower views. There’s nothing quite like the glittery glow of the structure as blue hour becomes a starry night. Laura Julliard accompanied us throughout the day (*pro tip: having your MUHA onsite all day ensures your hair and makeup will look fabulous for the entirety of the shoot), and she gave Sandra a new look fit for the sparkling sky. With loose locks and a pair of emerald green heels, she was ready for her close up. Pablo and Sandra’s Vogue-inspired night session was magazine-worthy.

Are you ready for your perfectly pink Parisian dream? Let’s hop on a virtual vision call and design your unique take on the most ritzy city around.

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