Keith and Brynn, Winery Elopement, Santa Barbara, Ca

August 25, 2021

Keith & Brynn

Brynn is sweet and loving. She is everything you’d look for in a best friend. Throughout the whole day, she couldn’t help but laugh, smile, and tell us all of the reasons she loves Keith. Her excitement was contagious! We found ourselves smiling right along with her, leaning in to hear more about her beautiful love story.

Keith was very caring. He was constantly looking for ways to make us more comfortable, offering us refreshments and kind words. He made sure his bride was taken care of, doing all of the little things he knew would make her smile... He was great at making her smile.

It was clear there was passion between them - a love that would stand the test of time. The way they cared for one another - the glances, the gentle touches, and the constant infectious laughter shone prominently through in their images.


private winery

santa Barbara, ca