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August 24, 2021




Are you someone who wants to make your wedding magazine-worthy? A day filled with details and design that jump out from your images? Do you dream of a color pallet that reflects your personality and timeless reminders of a love well-celebrated? Truthfully, the seamlessness of your artistic vision relies on the talent and cohesion of your vendors to elegantly stitch together your wedding day. You know how vital it is to find a photographer who fits your style, but there are a few other crucial elements we recommend you invest heavily in.

The element we will focus on in this blog post is your florist. Your florist is your fairy godmother. She sprinkles her magic throughout your ceremony and reception spaces, as well as across the important little details of your day. Her creations bring the life and beauty of your love into your event space. From a photographer’s perspective, our images become more vibrant with the magic touch of your florist.


Not sure what makes a ‘fairy’ florist? That’s ok! We’re here to help. One of our favorites is Brittany at Crimson Floral Co. Aside from being the most humble, kind person you’ll ever meet, she constantly blows our minds with her luxuriously luscious arrangements. Brittany’s appreciation for floral artistry stems beyond a simple passion. She believes, “We live side by side with [florals’] subtle - and often under appreciated - magic that becomes valuable when we are feeling deeply.”

At Crimson Floral Co., Brittany approaches her art as a new canvas for every client, tailoring everything to you. While her pure genius ensures you will receive editorial designs, she also does this so creatively that you’ll never see the same thing twice. Brittany shared with us her love for her craft, “Floral artistry is so many things to me. It's an escape into beauty, it's an opportunity to express not only myself but used as a tool to help others express themselves and create an environment for their loved ones to celebrate in.” You can be sure your romance will be written across the greenery, highlighting every little detail that made you fall in love with your partner, guaranteed to make you fall for each other all over again.


Another one of our favorites is Chelsea at CB & Stem. Chelsea’s designs are natural, filled with complimenting colors and endless possibilities. Every deliverable is made with your unique personalities and epic romance in mind, ensuring your creations are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that’ll never be recreated. When we spoke with Chelsea about her passion, she told us,

My absolute favorite part of working with flowers is the grace in the process of creating and room to evolve along the way. They are boundless, create connection, elevate environments, and bring a richness & beauty to life. I am so thankful for the way flowers have allowed me to grow and am always looking forward to seeing where they take me next.

Chelsea’s aspirational mindset and passion for her work, paired with her incredible eye for design creates an unstoppable force. Along with her undeniable ability to connect with people and understand their wants and needs so clearly, Chelsea’s relationship with florals always leaves us in awe. She molds and shapes her creations, effortlessly bending them to her will! Her magnificent concepts will make you feel like royalty - surrounded by the most beautiful arrangements to celebrate your devotion to one another on your wedding day.

6 Tips for Brides

Brittany and Chelsea have given us some tips to share with you when you go looking for your dream florist:


Take time to connect with your style! Putting together a Pinterest board of at least 10 images allows your florist to have a clear starting point, which evolves as you talk through your vision.


Make sure your aesthetic asks align with your florist’s business aesthetics. Similar to tip #1, you want to make sure your florist specializes in the type of artistry you are drawn to. When you are able to relay your wishes seamlessly and your florist has a deep understanding and love for the aesthetic, you’ll be happy throughout the design process and will end up with the florals of your dreams!


Appreciate the artform. Book your floral artist to enhance your special day and your guests' dreamy environment, rather than approaching them as a commodity or just another item to check off of the list.


Create a realistic budget. Sometimes, couples have unrealistic budgets when they begin the wedding planning process. Typically, these expectations don’t match the dreamy, high quality arrangements they really want.


Social media research pays off. Finding a florist can feel overwhelming because there is so much talent out there! Chelsea recommends finding one florist on Instagram who draws you in with their beautiful work. Then, look at who they follow to find a community that puts out work of a similar style until you find your fairy florist!


Respect the skill, forethought, and value of your floral artist. You are drawn to their work because of their passion, talent, and understanding of their craft! Trust your instincts and hand over your vision to them. They will deliver something more beautiful than you could’ve imagined!

Along with photography and cinematography, florals are one of the most artistic, timeless elements of your wedding. Your florist will draw on what makes you and your partner’s relationship so special and rewrite it with each decorative bloom. They will wow you with the most celebratory creations that are perfectly crafted for you. This is why it’s so important you find your fairy florist - the lady or gentleman who will bibbity bobbity beautify your space and add the final touches to your royal wedding.

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