Benjamin & Jamie, Parisian Editorial, Elopement, Los angeles, Ca

December 23, 2021


portray. Our bride, Jamie, and her groom, Benjamin, woke up in their Parisian-style grand suite on the morning of their wedding. The day played out in front of our eyes as they slowly got ready for their intimate ceremony, enjoying a decadent breakfast of coffee and macarons while dancing across the room to Dean Martin. This fairytale captures one chapter of a great love - a moment in time when

we began to shoot, she let go of all of her inhibitions, leaning into her love and forgetting about the outside world. The way she moved and swayed to the music, it was clear she is someone who welcomes light into her life - unafraid of experiences and treating every day as another adventure to be had.

The first thing we learned about Benjamin was his knack for making us laugh. Benjamin has this air of old-school charm about him, as if he were born in another time. With a persistent half-smile, animated

hen we designed and styled this shoot, we had a vivid story we wished to


Redamancy Photo and Film

Concept/Design and Creative Direction

Redamancy Photo and Film


Crimson Floral Co.

Hair & Makeup

Kat Laskey

voice, and relaxed demeanor, Benjamin carried himself like a memorable character our favorite authors would write into their most renowned novels. Together, Jamie and Benjamin brought our vision to life, enhancing our fairytale by breathing true love and genuine charisma into the day.

Jamie and Ben shared the indescribable excitement of accepting all of each other, vowing to love one another unconditionally for the rest of their lives. Jamie walked into the studio with an elegant presence - commanding the room in a subtle manner with Benjamin on her arm. But, the moment


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